Equissistant Simple streamlined tools to run an organised and connected yard


Simple streamlined tools to run an organised and connected yard


Our Mission

To bring all the working parts and professionals involved in the running of a stable yard together.

To make a trainer/yard manager’s and equine business owners' lives as streamlined & connected as possible.

To provide tools to remove management burden, freeing up time to concentrate on equine training and wellbeing.


About Us

Jo Davis


Jo Davis is a successful racehorse trainer based in West Berkshire. She experienced early on, that managing a successful yard involves a myriad of programs, diaries and forms of contact. She had a vision for a single program that simplified yard management, allowed the trainer to concentrate on the horses without worrying about mundane tasks, ensured good communication with key suppliers, and provided intelligence to give an edge on race day.

Jo has a huge wealth of experience across the equine world, from a young age, in jumping, riding tuition and eventing. In order to tap into this experience and unlock the potential in code, and after some experimenting with app development, a person with the same enthusiasm for change was required. A chance meeting at a Go Racing Green visit to Jo's yard connected Dan's wife, Heidi, who told Jo that Dan had similar ideas about the management of equine yards.

Dan Cross


Dan Cross is an experienced IT Consultant who helps organisations large and small to effectively manage their Enterprise IT services. He has experience in Government, Civil Nuclear, and FinTech industries, with a successful career spanning over 20 years. During his career, he has self-funded and acquired two bachelor's degrees; in Computing, and in Business.

Dan and his wife Heidi enjoy racing immensely, and when meeting Jo Davis, immediately saw the potential in using technology to better manage aspects of the racing industry.

Dan lives in Gloucestershire with his wife Heidi, two daughters, and a rescue foxhound & cat. Dan also enjoys Archery and the occasional Paranormal Investigation.

Contact Us
Contact us on:
07879 811 535 (Jo)
07817 037 035 (Dan)