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Equissistant.com GDPR & Cookies Information

We use cookies to collect data while you use the Equissistant site, in order to make it work, keep it secure, and comply with regulations.

The cookies stored by Equissistant are solely related to services delivered by this website. No information is transmitted elsewhere, and no analytics functionality is used to collect data on usage, aside from managing the user experience directly on the site.

By using this software you consent to the collection of data in line with this information and the policies contained on the policy page.

If you wish to know the information stored and processed by Equissistant, please see the Policy Page for more details.

When logged into the system, you are asked every 90 days whether you continue to consent to cookies, or if changes are made to data storage and processing / the cookie policy is changed. However, if you wish to change your preferences at any time, please email admin@equissistant.com.