Equissistant Simple streamlined tools to run an organised and connected yard
Equine Software For The 21st Century
Simple streamlined tools to run an organised and connected yard

Our Product

The ideal companion to manage your yard
Access Equissistant from any device, whether on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Equissistant can also be deployed on a touch-screen PC in your yard.
Horse welfare is at the front of our mind
We understand all equine professionals want to encourage high performance from their horses, whilst preserving a high level of horse welfare and preventing injury. We at Equissistant understand this, and our tools support this aim.
Our Mission
We at Equissistant believe: horses that are happy perform better, and suffer less injury. To achieve this, we aim to:
- Bring everyone involved in the running of a stable yard together.
- Streamline & connect equine business owners as much as possible.
- Free up time to concentrate on equine training and wellbeing.



The Whole Yard. Connected.

All your Yard staff can use Equissistant; show them only what you want them to see. Farriers/Vets can log in and view/complete their work.

24/7 Access

Equissistant is available all-day every day, on any device with a screen.

Track Performance

Equissistant can import heart rate monitor data and present your horse's session on a dashboard for analysis.
(tcx data currently supported e.g. Polar Equine)

Quick Access to Information

Equissistant makes use of QR Codes and SMS reminders to ensure users have the latest access to information quickly, dependent on access.

Secure and Safe

Equissistant uses secure technology to ensure your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. We are also fully GDPR compliant.

Powered by Cloud Technology

Equissistant is deployed on Cloud platforms, accessible in the Yard, on the Gallops, at the Races; Anywhere you need it.

Training and Support

Training and close support is available when starting to use the tools for the first time. And we'll support you whenever you have an issue or query.

Migrate Quickly and Easily

We provide a service to migrate your existing data hassle-free, including importing information on paper records.
(Please note fees may apply)

About Us

We are a company who eat, sleep and breathe horses. At the heart of what we do is supporting welfare of horses across all disciplines. We also work super hard to connect people, processes and tools that may not have been connected before, in the equine world. This is to give those who train or look after their horses more time and freedom to concentrate on what matters on the yard.
At Equissistant, innovation never stops. We always look to improve convenience and usefulness through technology, in a format that can be used on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Packing in modern features in one place, juggling multiple computer programs, running paper diaries, and managing multiple forms of contact with suppliers can become a thing of the past. Enhancement of our software will also bring greater benefits to trainers over time. For example, our partnership with Hartpury University on equine performance and welfare monitoring will help to gain better insight on injury prevention, while maximising performance.
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Jo Davis


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